The author of the comic, in case you didn't know. At the beginning of this comic I am a 19 year old college sophomore majoring in creative writing. I like comics, movies, tv, knitting, books, and music, I love to ride my bike, and I'm addicted to caffiene. I'm queer but it's not a huge part of my life, and I have some hang-ups and neuroses and mental stuff that I try to mostly ignore.

The Comic
I started drawing this comic in early December, 2009. I try to draw roughly a strip a day, even though the strip I draw is usually about a month behind the actual day. All of the events, people, and places depicted are real, and I try to be honest even when it doesn't reflect well on me.
The comic is drawn in a 5.5x8 inch sketchbook, with Pigma Sensei pens that my cousins gave me for christmas. Early strips are drawn in gel pen, and look a little bit rough. All the strips are hand lettered, hand drawn, and inked, then scanned on the scanner that my friend Ash gave me because she's awesome. Maybe someday there will be guest strips, but maybe not!

Other Characters

In order by appearance, roughly. If there isn't a picture, that means I haven't drawn a decent one yet, so they're coming.

My roomate currently. She likes comedy music and cooking and sometimes sews aprons. Dislikes bad grammar. She's also a sophomore.
Curiously she doesn't appear often in the comic, despite living in the same room as me.

Friend of mine since last year. Evan is 20 years old, a History major. He is a man of many talents including computers, cooking, and knitting. He is also talented at kicking the shit out of gender roles. He is a big fan of Belgian wheat beer.
Currently lives with his girlfriend, Laura, their dog, Pancakes, and their aviary of cockatiels.

Laura is another friend since last year, she is 21 and one of my few friends who is out of school. Currently she works at Best Buy and dislikes it pretty immensely. Usually she is extremely amusing, makes dinosaur noises, and is allergic to 90% of foods I like to eat.
Lives with her aforementioned boyfriend and their myriad pets.

Kat is just finishing college with a double major in English Lit and Linguistics. In the beginning of the comic, she was Ash's roomate, but now she lives with her boyfriend Erik. Kat is very political and feminist, but also likes silly things like Doctor Who and livejournal communities about bad porn. She's also the planner of most parties that get thrown.
Kat is currently dating Erik (open relationship) and had a secondary relationship with Zac.

Zac is a guy I don't actually know terribly well, since I only met him a few months ago and we don't hang out that much. He dated Kat for a while and then turned out to be a dick so they broke up.

Amanda is from Kansas City, she moved out to Tucson in mid-november, 2009. She is my ex girlfriend, although we're still on good terms. She has a very interesting past that includes a lot of danger, and sometimes has health problems. She currently works at Target and might be moving in downstairs from Ash. It looks as if we have the exact same haircut in the comic, but that's just because I'm not a very good artist.
Amanda is going to the local community college until she gets enough credits to be a Film Studies major. She lives downstairs from Ash, and her roomate is Maxx.

Casey is Ash's current roomate. She's someone I don't see as much as I like, because she works in another city and apparently works a lot. She's very intelligent and likes horses and The Law. She's my Battlestar Galactica-watching buddy.
I am not very good at drawing Casey.

Ash is one of the first people I met at college, and we have been friends since. She's an animal studies major at the university, and works on the campus farm training horses. She also is a mild genius with every other kind of animal. She owns about a thousand cockatiels and is breeding more. She also likes country music, smoking hookah, and performing in a drag troupe called Boyz R Us.
Ash lives with Casey and generously allows me to use her gamecube when I'm at her place.

Andrew is my platonic husband. He's originally from Iowa, and is a Film Studies/Media Arts major at college. He lives really far away from the school. He is a huge film buff and especially likes melodramatic sad stories, like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. He works at Bruegger's, which is a bagel chain, and every week we get bagels for lunch together at the student union. He's often down on himself but for what reason? He's lovely.
Andrew is roomates with Ian, and has been as long as I've known them.

My lovely sister. She's almost 2 years younger than me, currently a senior in high school in Tempe, AZ. She is a great fan of dogs in general and pugs in particular, and in fact volunteers at a dog rescue organization. She also likes TV a lot and gets very involved with shows, and basketball. She lives with our parents currently, but is going to come to U of A next year and keep me company.
Kristin is a totally smart and awesome person, we're very close.

My eldest cousin, who is a middle school teacher right here in Tucson. She likes the Beatles, John Cusack, sports, and a good beer. She's 4 years older than me, but we are pretty close since she and her brother Eric grew up with Kristin and I. We talk about relationship stuff a lot. Kristin and I want her to get together with Suns player Lou Amundson.
She currently lives in Marana, a small town outside of Tucson, with Eric and their roomate Matt, and Matt's adorable dog Sunny.

Eric is my second-oldest cousin, 2 years older than me. He is Wendy's brother. Eric is going to Pima community college in Tucson and studying to become an athletic trainer. He's very clean living and doesn't even really drink soda, which is impressive. He likes sports, especially hockey, and videogames. Once he lived with my family for a summer, which was fun.
Currently he lives in Marana with Wendy, Matt, and Sunny.

Frank is the older brother of one of my high school friends who I ended up hanging out with a lot in college. He's another Creative Writing major and also takes Russian with me. We trade comics a lot and also watch a lot of weird movies. He has a passionate love of weird South Korean movies and might actually move to South Korea after he graduates.
Currently he lives crazy far away from campus, and bikes everywhere.

Liz is a friend of mine from my Russian class. She's actually a Russian major, and I think a photo minor? Anyway, she is a photographer. She has great fashion sense and excellent taste in movies and comics. She's also my default study buddy for Russian.
Liz lives on campus in a different dorm from me.

Ian is from California, he's a film studies major who lives with Andrew. He's kind of acerbic but very cool. He likes movies, TV, and other media things. He's also something of an artist which is pretty neat. He doesn't talk a lot in large gatherings but always has a good innuendo. Ian is actually not his real name, but due to not wanting to be confused with another guy, that's what we call him. I don't make this shit up!
Ian is dating Deb. I am really bad at drawing the both of them.

Not to be confused with Eric-with-a-c, my cousin. Erik is a pre-law student who is terribly intelligent. He's very into videogames and computers as well, and is sometimes the only one to get a silly internet meme joke. Erik is a terribly nice man who often donates his small house to have parties in. He's originally from Northern Ohio.
He's dating Kat, and living with her.

Deb is also originally from California and is another one of my friends who is actually out of school. She really likes movies and weird 1980's tv shows. She works in an italian restaurant currently, and is a writer with an impressive knowledge of obscure books. She also has really amazing fashion sense and incredibly long hair.
Deb lives by herself, with an adorable rescued kitten named Scout. She's dating Ian.

My mom
I'm pretty close with both my parents. My mom, whose name is Karin, works at ASU in a job that is far too demanding, and calls me fairly frequently. She likes knitting and photography, especially taking photos of flowers. She also hikes a lot and loves to travel. She's a pretty cool lady.
She lives with my dad and sister in Tempe.

My lovely but moronic dog, who lives with the rest of my family in Tempe. She is a very good dog but attitudinal and something of a spazz. She's part german shephard, part chow, and part husky. I love her but it's always boring to hear someone talk about their dog.


A friend of mine from high school. Curiously we were never terribly close while actually in school, but started talking a lot on facebook over the last semester and ended up hanging out quite a bit over break. Mitch is a young man who is very good at video games. He's also training to be a ninja, in a sort of roundabout way. He once gave me a pair of aviator sunglasses without earpeices.
Mitch lives in Tempe and goes to Mesa Community College.


My Dad
My father doesn't look anything like the way I draw him, but for some reason his actual features completely escape my artistic ability. His name is Charles and he works as a market analyst for Honeywell and goes on a lot of business trips. We share an affinity for comic books, action movies, Battlestar Galactica, fishing, and a lot of other pretty excellent things. I have my dad to thank for getting me into American comics and for telling me that I should start drawing again when I had stopped (this was back when I was like 13 and riddled with angst and doubt).
He lives with my mom and sister in Tempe. 


Florence has been my friend since Freshman year of high school, and is probably the person I am closest to outside of my family. She's one of those people who is ridiculously good at anything she sets her mind to, including art, political thinking, computer coding, writing poems, and ridiculously high level maths. She is currently working at a small-ish nuclear reactor and generally being my hero. I only see her at breaks and this is not enough for me. Once we had a huge and kind of stupid fight but we're over it now.
Florence lives in Portland, Oregon, and goes to Reed college with other smart people.
 She was majoring in physics but now she's doing Fine Arts.