Hiatus over, exciting things!

Obviously the short hiatus is over, I've built up a strip buffer again and hopefully this one will last a little longer. I've been messing around with new art styles and I think in a few days you'll be seeing the one I'm going with.

Also! I have registered at Top Web Comics, which is a ranked list of webcomics. You can vote for a comic every day if you'd like, and I am asking that you please vote for me! Just click the button below and you will not only help me out and make me terribly happy, but also see some concept art I'm messing around with. Vote incentives will change semi-daily, if not every day. Please, please vote, it would make me so pleased.

posted by Jamie P. @ Wed, Feb 24, 2010


Ok so there are a few things I'm going to talk about here:

  • I made a few additions to the cast page, including changing some pictures and updating some info to be truthful. I also added a few of the people who have shown up since I made the page.
  • After the strip for December 31 goes up, I am going on a slightly-over-weeklong hiatus to build up my strip buffer and take a bunch of tests in school. I realize that's kind of a dangerous/stupid thing to do one month into a strip, but I am super busy and so far I haven't missed a single day (and I've been updating every day, which is...draining). Hopefully whoever reads this will hang out and bear with me for one week of missed updates, and if anyone wants to do a guest strip or send me some kind of art I will put it up and be super, super happy.
  • After I get back from the little hiatus thing, I'm probably going to be messing with the style of my art a little. I've gotten a little tired of the current thing, and I want to branch out a bit. The writing and everything is going to be basically the same, but I thought I might warn you guys in case anyone is reading for the art alone (and if you are, that's crazy, I'm a really poor artist).

OK that's it from this corner of the woods, thanks for reading!

posted by Jamie P. @ Mon, Feb 08, 2010

Updates 1/25/10: Change in site layout plus characters!

You guys, there's color on this thing now! I went kind of crazy with a certain color scheme, hopefully it looks subtle and kind of cool.
Also, in the realm of subtle, you might have noticed that there's an extra button up top that says "Characters". This has a mostly up-to-date list of the cast of people who have appeared in the comic so far, although some people don't have pictures yet. This is because of one of 3 reasons: Either the picture is too small, too bad, or too un-drawn as of yet. So fear not if you don't see your face, it'll be up there soon-ish.
If anyone on the characters page wants me to change something in their profile, they should facebook me about it because I want to keep this accurate and respectful and stuff.


posted by Jamie P. @ Mon, Jan 25, 2010